Al-Maqt affirms rejection of Israeli schemes, adherence to national identity

Occupied Golan, SANA- Liberated prisoner Bishr al-Maqt reiterated the rejection of the Syrians in occupied Syrian Golan of the Israeli schemes which are represented in holding elections of the so-called “local councils” in occupied Golan, affirming that these elections are null and void.

In a statement to SANA’s reporter on Tuesday, al-Maqt said that Syrians in occupied Golan are an inseparable part of the homeland Syria and they are standing against these elections, and they will force the occupation to cancel them.

He asserted that Syrians in occupied Golan are confident of victory and of getting rid of the Israeli occupation which has failed in obliterating the history and identity of the occupied Syrian Golan.

Earlier, Syrians in occupied Golan announced their rejection of these elections, which the Israeli authorities declared that it will hold at the end of the current month, as they burned the election cards and boycotted the candidature, and they held daily sit-ins and raised banners against the occupation’s schemes.

Recently, Foreign and Expatriates Ministry announced Syria’s rejection of holding elections of the so-called “local councils” by the Israeli occupation in the villages of occupied Syrian Golan, reiterating that Golan is inseparable part of the Syrian territories and it will return to the homeland Syria sooner or later.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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