Syrians in Golan rally to affirm their rejection of “Israeli local councils’ elections”

Quneitra, SANA- Syrians in the occupied Syrian Golan reiterated their rejection of the Israeli schemes which are represented in holding elections for the so-called “local councils” in occupied Syrian Golan, affirming their adherence to their national identity and their belonging to their homeland Syria.

The popular rejection of these elections increased through burning the election cards, boycotting the candidature and the elections and raising mottos that reject the occupation’s schemes and call for the return to the homeland Syria.

Liberated prisoner Nazih Ibrahim said in press statements on Monday “We as Syrians in occupied Golan can be only with our homeland, and any attempt by the Israeli occupation entity to deceive us will be divulged by the Syrians in the occupied Golan.”

Meanwhile, Syrians in the occupied Golan stressed their determination to stand in the face of all the attempts of the Zionist occupation entity to achieve its schemes.

They denounced the elections and the so-called “local councils” which are imposed on them, asserting rejection to participate this farcical play.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri/Ghossoun

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