Terrorists receive six sarin and chlorine gas cylinders to mount chemical attack in Idleb: Sources

Idleb, SANA-Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists handed over six cylinders filled with sarin and chlorine to Daesh and ‘Ansar al-Tawhid’ terrorist organizations to be used in the areas under their control for staging a chemical attack to frame the Syrian army, informed sources told Sputnik news agency.

The sources which Sputnik described as close to commanders in terrorist groups active in Idleb said three other cylinders disappeared in unidentified circumstances after terrorists from the ‘White Helmets’ organization who were carrying them to an unidentified destination in Idleb northeastern countryside were killed.

On Sep 12, the Russian Foreign Ministry warned that terrorists are preparing to stage a real chemical attack against civilians in Idleb to blame the Syrian army.


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