President al-Assad offers condolences to Iranian President for victims of terror attack

Damascus, SANA-President Bashar al-Assad sent on Saturday a cable of condolences to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, expressing deep condolences for the victims of the criminal terrorist act against a military parade in Ahvaz city to the south of Iran.

“We received, with utmost sorrow, the news of the terrorist attack against the military parade in Ahvaz city south of Iran. Hence, I extend to you and the friendly people of Iran, on the behalf of the people of the Syrian Arab Republic and on my own behalf, deepest condolences for the innocent victims, and condemn in the strongest terms this coward and criminal terrorist act,” the President said in his cable.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has stood against terrorism in Syria and denounced terrorism at the international arena, all the way being honest in its principled and determined stance against takfri and criminal terrorism,” added the President.

“I would like to affirm once more to you and to the friendly Iranian people that we are with you with all the power we have against these terrorist acts, and we hope that backers, financers and proponents of terrorism will understand that this danger threatens mankind as a whole, urging them to reconsider their positions in backing terrorism in various parts of the world,” the President concluded.


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