Kim Jong-un to Hilal: Our relations with Syria historical and deep

Pyongyang, SANA – Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kim Jong-un met the delegations participating in the 70th anniversary for the founding of the DPRK.

Addressing the delegation from Syria’s Al-Baath Arab Socialist Party headed by Assistant Regional Secretary of the Party Hilal al-Hilal, representing President Bashar al-Assad, Kim voiced appreciation of Syria’s participation in this anniversary, underlining the deep and historical relations between the two countries and between Al-Baath Party and the Workers’ Party of Korea, relations which were founded by the leaders Kim Il-sung and Hafez al-Assad.

Kim thanked President al-Assad for his honorable positions regarding the Korean issue, stressing that Syria has always been one of the most loyal supporters of the DPRK in international circles.

He wished Syria victory over the terrorism which is backed by global imperialism headed by the United States.

For his part, al-Hilal relayed the congratulations of President al-Assad and the Syrian people to the DPRK’s leadership and people, affirming that Syria stands alongside the DPRK in confronting American arrogance.

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