Ambassador Abbas calls upon Indian companies to participate in Damascus International Fair

New Delhi, SANA- Syria’s Ambassador to India Dr. Ryiad Abbas called upon the Indian businessmen and media to participate in the 60th edition of Damascus International Fair and to benefit from the investment opportunities in Syria, underlining the importance of India’s participation and its contribution to the reconstruction process.

Abass’s remarks came during a press conference held at the headquarters of the Syrian Embassy in New Delhi on Thursday in presence of a large number of Indian journalists and representatives of industrial, commercial and tourist companies.

Abbas said that after the return of security and stability to Damascus and its surrounding and to different areas across Syria, the atmosphere has become suitable for the attendance of a larger number of visitors to the Fair in which about 50 Arab and foreign states are participating.

He expressed readiness of the Syrian Government through its embassies abroad to provide all the required facilitations to the companies which are willing to participate.

Ambassador Abbas presented a briefing on the latest developments in Syria, asserting that the Syrian Arab Army will continue its war on terrorism till eradicating it and expelling all the forces which illegally exist on the Syrian territories, particularly the Turkish and US forces.

He indicated that the massacre recently perpetrated by Daesh (ISIS) terrorists in Sweida province came through a direct support by the US and the Israeli occupation entity and that most of the victims were women and children.

R. Jazaeri/

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