Moscow: Terrorist organizations in southern Syria should be eliminated

Moscow, SANA-Russian Foreign Ministry affirmed the need to fight and eliminate terrorist organizations in southern Syria, noting that the United States has not fulfilled its obligations in this regard.

In a press conference in Moscow on Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova affirmed the need for fighting the terrorist organizations deployed in the de-escalation zone in southern Syria and eliminating them.

She pointed out that the US has not fulfilled its obligations to implement the agreements on cessation of hostilities in southwestern Syria.

Zakharova said that terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra “are increasing their presence in the de-escalation zone in southern Syria,” referring to the shelling attacks committed by al-Nusra on the towns and villages of Daraa and Sweida.

“It’s time our American partners did what the Syrian forces are doing now with the support of Russia’s Aerospace Forces,” she said.

In a relevant context, Zakharova stressed that adopting the illegal resolution to expand the power of the organization for the Prohibition of chemical Weapons came as a result of political manipulations and clear blackmail by UK and other states and direct bribes from other delegations.

Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry reiterated in this regard that giving the technical secretariat of the OPCW authorities to identify the responsible for using chemical weapons in Syria is illegal that came as a result of political manipulation and direct bribes for a number of delegations.



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