Match between Syria and Egypt veterans teams soon to lift ban on Syrian Stadiums

Damascus, SANA- Vice-Executive Chairman of the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) Dr. Alaa Abdul Al-Aziz has said that Egypt veterans team will be ready to participate in a match with its Syrian counterpart to lift the ban on the Syrian stadiums.

In a statement to SANA, Abdel Aziz added that the EFA is ready to delegate all Egyptian teams of all age groups to Syria after the World Cup.

He pointed out that the Syrian team has made an honorable performance in the World Cup qualifications and qualified for the Asian supplement.

Abdel Aziz said that the professionalism of the Syrian players in various Arab, Asian and European countries is a good proof on the technical skills they are enjoying of, adding this encouraged the EFA to treat the Syrian player as equal to the Egyptian one.

In turn, Head of the Syrian Football Federation, Fadi Al-Dabbas, said that holding a match between Egypt and Syria’s veterans teams  is very important since the title of the match will be lifting the ban on Syrian stadiums.

Al-Dabbas added that contacts and coordination with the Egyptian side will continue to set the date of the match, which will most likely be next August.



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