Flight discounts for people with chronic diseases

Damascus, SANA- Syrian Arab Airlines granted discounts for hemodialysis patients boarding its flights through Damascus-al-Qamishli-Damascus route.

A statement issued by the Syrian Arab Airlines stated that the discount is part of its policy of reducing the treatment costs for people with chronic diseases, estimated at 50 percent discount for the patient and his companion.

Thus, the ticket’s price between al-Qamishli and Damascus airports and vice versa will be worth 24 thousand Syrian pounds after the discount.

Last year, Syrian Airlines set the discount list on the Damascus-al-Qamishli-Damascus route to include military cardholders with a discount which reached 75 percent, 65 percent for people with disabilities and their companions, 45 percent for students and 50 percent for chronic diseases and their companions.

Emma /Manal

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