Two Civilians killed, several others injured in terrorist attacks in several cities

Provinces, SANA – Terrorists fired on Tuesday a number of mortar shells on several provinces, claiming the lives of a civilian and injuring 22 others.

In Damascus, a civilian was killed and six others were injured by terrorists’ mortar shells launched on al-Abasyeen residential neighborhood.

A source at the Police Command told SANA that a shell hit al-Ghassanyeh Neighborhood and claimed the life of a citizen and injured six others. Another shell fell near al-Abasyeen Square, causing only material damage.

the source said a mortar shell fell in Arnous Park, injuring 3 civilians and causing material damage to a number of cars.

The source added that a shell fired by terrorists fell on Tal’at al-Sayad in Mazzeh 86 neighborhood, injuring a child and causing large material damage to the houses.

In the same context, a mortar shell hit the roof of the ER department of the Children Hospital, causing material damage with no casualties among the crew and patients.

Another shell landed in the area surrounding al- Sabe’a Bahrat Square, causing material damage.

The source pointed out that 3 other shells fell in the area surrounding al-Jahez Park and near Bader Mosque, injuring 2 civilians and causing material damage to a restaurant, two houses, and a number of cars.

Meanwhile, another shell fell on al-Ahad’ashryeh neighborhood, injuring 3 civilians and causing material damage to a shop and a number of cars.

Three citizens were injured on Tuesday in a terrorist attack with mortar shells that landed on Jaramana in Damascus countryside.

A source at Damascus Police Command told SANA that a mortar round fired by terrorists fell at the entrance of Jaramana city leaving three citizens injured and causing material damage to a number of cars.

Terrorists fired a mortar shell on Harasta suburb, causing only material damage.

A source at the Police Command told SANA that the shell caused material damage to the near shops and cars, and that there were no casualties or injuries.

In Hama, three citizens got injured when terrorists fired rocket shells on al- Sqeilbiyeh town.

A source in Hama Police Command told SANA that eight rocket shells were fired on the town, resulting in the injury of three citizens including a girl,and material damage.

Meanwhile, Seven citizens were wounded in mortar and rocket shells, fired by terrorists, in a number of Homs neighborhoods.

A police source told SANA that the terrorist shells fell in Wadi al-Dhab in Ekrima neighborhood and al-Walid suburb in Homs.

The shells also caused material damages in the said places.

A woman was killed and a number of civilians were injured in a terrorist attack with mortar rounds on neighborhoods in Qamishli city in the north-eastern Hasaka province.

A source at the Police Command told SANA reporter that the terrorists fired 16 mortar shells on al-Antariye and al-Suez Canal neighborhoods, claiming the lives of one woman and wounding other civilians, some of whom sustained severe injuries, in addition to damaging several houses and properties.


B. Mousa/ H. Said/ Mazen/ M. Nassr

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