Syrian Days event kicks off in France

Damascus, SANA – Activities of Syrian Days kicked off in a number of French cities to convoy the suffering of Syrians to the French people.

The Syrian Days event is a part of “Syria, the World” initiative which was launched by the Syrian traveler Adnan Azzam in cooperation with the French-Syrian Friendship Association earlier this month in France.

The event focuses on informing the French community about what Syria has suffered during seven years of organized war and terrorism supported by Western and Arab governments, including France, all of whom contributed to the killing and displacement of Syrians.

The event started at the Syrian-French Cooperation Association in the French city of Marseilles with the attendance of French political parties and popular figures and a number of members of the Syrian community.

Speaking to SANA, Azzam said that the initiative is a cultural intellectual project aimed at presenting a bright Syrian image to the world through educational and cultural awareness activities, including dialogue meetings and introductory lectures, and a documentary film in French titled “The Legend of Syria.”

Azzam, who is also the director of the film, said that the 48-minute-film tries to convoy the true image of what is happening in Syria, adding that he relied on archival materials obtained from Syrian TV and testimonies of people about the terrorist acts against the Syrian people and the misrepresentations and distortions practiced by the Western media outlets to falsify these facts.

The event, which will continue till the end of April, is held despite the various measures of prevention set by the French authorities to block them thanks to the efforts of the Syrian community.

Syrian expatriate Safa Saqar opened her home in Paris to host the event, that began with her son playing the Syrian national anthem in the presence of Syrian, Arab, French and European figures who also listened to the details of the war waged on Syria.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh

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