Al-Jaafari: The West’s fuss about Syria will fade away as terrorists’ defeats continue

New York, SANA – Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari stressed that the fuss made by Western states in the UN Security Council about Syria will fade away as the defeats of terrorists continue in the country, noting that these states exercise political terrorism to Syria inside and outside of the UN.

Interviewed by the Syrian al-Ikhbariya TV channel via Skype on Thursday, al-Jaafari added that the Western states will go ahead with their “only for show” sessions on alleged use of chemical weapons as long as the Syrian Arab Army continues to make substantial progress in its war against terrorism.

He considered the referral of some files related to the crisis in Syria to the UN for vote as “political blackmail” and part of the defamation and propaganda campaign aimed at exerting pressure on the Syrian government in the aftermath of these states’ inability and failure to impose their will on the UN Security Council.

The Syrian diplomat indicated that there is data suggesting the collapse of the unipolar system and the emergence of multipolar world order, taking into account the rise of Russia, China and BRICS countries as influential powers in the region.

He added that the intra-Arab disputes contributed to undermining the role of the Arab League in the UN, especially after the suspension of Syria’s membership in the Arab League and the domination of Gulf regimes on it.

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