Syrian Rawan al-Chami reaches 2nd stage of Russian talent show You Are Super

Moscow, SANA – Syrian student Rawan al-Chami sent a message of love to the Syrian people before preparing for the second phase of the international children’s talent show “You Are Super” in Russia.

Al-Chami, who is the daughter of a martyr, told SANA that her participation in the program aims at being the voice of peace and joy for Syria.

“Sometimes when I stand on the stage I feel little bit nervous, but I overcome this feeling as soon as I think about my people in general and the sons and daughters of Syrian martyrs in particular,” she said.

Al-Chami said that her participation and the achievement that she will make in this program are dedicated to her father, martyr Majd al-Chami, as well as the teaching staff and supervisors of the General Authority for the Schools of Martyrs’ Sons and daughters.

The second stage of the program is scheduled to start on March 16th with the participation of the 63 talents who have passed the first stage out of the original 82. Al-Chami is the only Arab talent in the second stage, and she will perform a Russian song chosen by the judges.

Amal Haidar, al-Chami’s mother, said that “this experience is important for Rawan and is a great opportunity to encourage her to develop her talent.”

Audience can vote for al-Chami by clicking the “like” button on her page on the program’s site.

Children aged between 8 and 18 from 13 countries are taking part in the second season of the program, which is launched by the Russian channel NTV.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh

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