Ala: Report on Syria submitted to Human Rights Committee lacks credibility

Geneva, SANA – Syria’s Permanent Representative at the UN and other international organizations in Geneva, Ambassador Hussam Eddin Ala, said that the report on Syria submitted to the Human Rights Committee is full of contradictions and fabrications and lacks credibility.

During a Human Rights Committee session on Tuesday, Ala said that three meetings have been held in one week to discuss the situation on Syria under various pretexts, with Britain orchestrating these meetings in deliberate ways to use them against Syria, adding that Britain’s actions on behalf of the US and its allies calls into question the credibility of the Council’s role, as UN institutes are being transformed into false witnesses to serve the interests of certain states.

He said that the international investigative committee, the mandate and course of which was the subject of the third of the aforementioned meetings, continues to make reports that are mainly used as a tool in political campaigns and are far removed from professionalism and integrity.

Ala said the investigative committee has structural faults in its mandate and methodology, as well as the fact that it bases its information on partial sources and states hostile to Syria, stressing that the report submitted at the session is full of ridiculous contradictions, such as the talk about the responsibility of governmental forces for alleged uses of chemical weapons in Ghouta, which the committee itself admits cannot be verified, nor can it specify the type of substances used or how they were delivered, in addition to the committee’s use of photos of unknown origin presented by anonymous witnesses to accuse the Syrian government of using cluster bombs.

The Ambassador said that the report in question manipulates legal descriptors of events and ignores the crimes of the terrorist groups that shell residential neighborhoods, block humanitarian aid, and besiege civilians to use them as human shields, in addition to neglecting to condemn the crimes of the rogue US coalition against civilians in Syria.

Ala said the report’s lack of credibility is shown by its failure to describe in accurate legal terms the crimes committed by the rogue US coalition in Raqqa, instead only mentioning them as a narrative without any legal descriptors.

He also noted that despite the fact that the barbaric Turkish aggression on Afrin and surrounding villages has claimed the lives of hundreds and displaced tens of thousands, the committee claims that it has no information about the Turkish aggression.

The Ambassador said that the Syrian government is committed to international and national laws that give it the responsibility of ensuring the safety of its citizens and restoring security to the country, and that it rejects the politicized accusations listed in the reports, accusations which are based on false witnesses and sources linked to terrorist organizations like the “White Helmets.”

He said that the committee’s calls for referring the situation in the Syria to the International Criminal Court overstep its jurisdiction, asserting that the Syrian government rejects the committee’s attempts to interfere in the issue of the political solution in a manner that oversteps its jurisdiction.

Hazem Sabbagh

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