The army regains control over many villages and towns in Hama, Aleppo countryside

Provinces, SANA- Syrian Arab Army units advanced in the pocket they had encircled on January 20th, which extends from southeast of Khanasser in Aleppo countryside to west of Sinjar in the countryside of Idleb and to al-Sa’an area in Hama countryside.

SANA’s reporter said that the army, in coordination with supporting forces, consolidated their military positions in Aziza, Jeb al-Raman, Hawa, Khairia, Eastern Hawa, Khairia Kabira, KhairiaSaghira, Dalala, Tal Halawa, Jeb Othman, Loubaida, Mlolah, al-Sikari, al-Dekh, al-Salhieh, al-Halibia, Najem al-Zuhour, al-Masloukhia, Homa, Um Kharin, al-Smakhia, al-Wahibi, Nafakha, and al-Toufaha villages in the countrysides of Aleppo, Hama, Idleb after eliminating Daesh (ISIS) from the area.

The reporter added that the army’s operations in those regions ended up with the killing and injuring of many of Daesh terrorists, while the engineering units combed and removed the explosive devices and mines planted by the terrorist organization.

Earlier, the army units and the supporting forces carried out a military operation against hideouts of the terrorists in the northern countryside of Hama and the southwestern countryside of Aleppo using weapons that suit the geographic nature of the area where the terrorists had built their fortifications in tunnels and where they had used the houses of the locals as weapon caches.

The reporter clarified that the villages of al-Tarfawi, Masaada, al-Moreijeb al-Shamali, al-Jaddouya al-Janoubya, al-jaddouya al-Shamaliya, al-Baroudia, al-marami, al-hamdaniya, Rasm al-Barjas, al-Nusseiria and Abu Kahef were regained during the operation.

Many of the terrorists were either killed or injured during the operation, and the engineering units dismantled explosives planted by Daesh terrorists in the houses and fields.

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