Aleppo International Fair to kick off on May 5th

Damascus, SANA-“ M I C E Expo” company announced Monday it started preparations to launch “Aleppo International Fair” in cooperation with chambers of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, Syria Trade Establishment, the General Establishment for Exhibitions and International Markets and Exporters’ Union.

The Fair would held between May 5th and 11th in Aleppo city at Sport City in al-Hamadanieh.

The Fair is accompanied by various art programs on Syrian folklore and a conference for investment, reconstruction and tourism that will be held in Shahbaa Hotel for three days.

A bout 600 Local, Arab and foreign companies which work in food, engineering, service, tourist, agriculture, education, culture and technology sectors will participate in the Fair. The invitations will be sent to 500 businessmen from Arab countries to visit the fair.

Director of “M I C E Expo” said that the fair will be held every year and preparations have started, adding that Aleppo Airport will be put in service to facilitate the visitors’ movements.

For his part, China’s Ambassador to Syria Qi Qianjin appreciated this step which indicates that the normal life has returned to Aleppo province.

Shaza/ Mazen

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