Army regains control over villages and towns in Hama, Idleb countryside

Provinces, SANA-Army units established control over eight new villages in Hama northeastern countryside after fierce battles with Daesh (ISIS) terrorists, inflicting heavy losses upon them in the equipment and personnel.

The army units, in cooperation with the allied forces, conducted intensive operations against Daesh (ISIS)in a besieged enclave between Aleppo and Hama countryside , regaining control over the villages of al-Maliha al-Sagheira, al-Mustareiha, Rasm al- Mfker, Abu Khanadiq Shimali, Sawanat al-Hamara, Tel al-Shur, al-Maliha al-kabeira, al-Doubaeieh, and Wadi Jahannam, SANA’s reporter said.

The operation ended up with the killing of many of Daesh terrorists and destroying fortified positions and barricades they have established in those villages, while the army engineering units dismantled the mines and IDEs planted by the terrorists among the citizens’ houses and their farms, the reporter added.

The army also regained control over villages of al-Naqroush, Rajm al-Abeil al-gharbi and al-Sharqi in Hama north Eastern countryside.

Earlier, army units, in cooperation with the supporting forces, have engaged in fierce clashes with Daesh-affiliated terrorist groups in Hama northeastern countryside, establishing control over the farms of Byoud Safaf and Abu al-Khair.

Engineering units combed the liberated areas to dismantle the car bombs and the mines planted by terrorists to hinder the advancement of the army units.


Meanwhile,the army, in cooperation with the supporting forces, regained control over the villages and towns of Ghaital, Kherbat Maradish, Kherbat Um Rajoum, Rasm Misha’al and Ghzeilah in Idleb southern countryside.

Earlier, the army units, in cooperation with the allied forces, clashed with terrorist groups of Jabhat al-Nusra and the so-called al-Hizb al Turkistani which attacked military points in Tal al-sultan in southeastern countryside of Idleb.

The army thwarted the attack after killing and injuring many of the terrorists and destroying a car bomb equipped with large quantities of explosive materials before reaching its target, SANA reporter said.


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