Various artistic, musical, and entertainment activities in Young Tourist Festival

Damascus, SANA – Activities of the second edition of the Young Tourist Festival, organized by Ministry of Tourism and al-Baath Vanguards Organization, kicked off at Damascus Citadel on Monday.

The first day of the festival witnessed the opening of an art exhibition for children, in addition to musical performances, artistic shows, and poetry recitals.

Young Tourist Festival 7

Tourism Minister Bishr Yaziji stressed the importance of nurturing the tourism culture of children and teaching them about the history and civilization of their country from an early age, saying that the Ministry has a strategy for transforming tourism promotion into a social culture and to become a part of every Syrian’s life.

He highlighted the need for reducing the negative impact of the current crisis on children as they constitute the future of Syria.

The participants took part in a tour to the Umayyad Mosque as part of the activities of the 4-day festival.

Rasha Raslan / Hazem Sabbagh

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