All Syrian ports closed due to high waves and strong winds

Tartous, Lattakia, SANA- All Syrian ports were closed due to the prevailing weather conditions in the country.

Director of Ports, Gen. Akram Ibrahim told SANA in a statement on Thursday that due to the high speed of the southwesterly winds, which is expected to reach 85km/h sometimes, all Syrian ports, including Tartous commercial port, Banias oil refinery, Lattakia, Arwad Island and Jableh, in addition to the small ports were closed in front of maritime traffic until a further notice.

In regard to Tartous Commercial port and Banias oil refinery, Ibrahim said that the current weather conditions caused the rise of the sea waves and that the speed of the winds reached more than 35 knots which equals about 70km/h.

For his part, Director of Tartous Port Thaer Wannous told SANA that a warning call was launched for the ships in the sea to take all precaution procedures to avoid any danger due to the continued weather conditions.

H. Zain/ Ghossoun

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