Foreign Ministry: U.S. military presence in Syria act of aggression on Syria’s sovereignty

Damascus, SANA- The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Thursday that a U.S military presence in Syria was illegitimate and represented a blatant breach of the international law and an aggression on Syria’s national sovereignty.

“The internal affairs in any country in the world is an exclusive right of the people of this country, thus nobody has the right to only give his opinion in that because this violates the international law and contradicts the most important theories of the constitutional law,” a source at the ministry said commenting on statements of U.S. Secretary of State,  Rex Tillerson.

The source added that the US presence and all what the US administration has done aim at protecting Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization which was created by adminstartion of US former President Barak Obama.

The source said that the US administration’s goal was never to eliminate Daesh and Raqqa city is still an evidence on  the achievements of the US and its alleged alliance.

” Raqqa is completely destroyed and Daesh mines are daily exploding as Raqqa residents are in the camps without providing any humanitarian, food or medical aid. They are deprived of returning to their homes due to this destruction,” the source added.

The Syrian government, according to the source, does not need one dollar from the United States for reconstruction because this dollar is stained with the blood of the Syrians as it is not invited to contribute to that because the policies of the US administration create only destruction and suffering.

The source confirmed that any political solution in Syria could not be but for meeting the aspirations of the Syrian people and not for fulfilling foreign agendas and interests which contradict those aspirations.

“The Syrian Arab Republic will continue its relentless war against the terrorist groups with their different names till clearing up every inch of Syrian soil from the atrocity of terrorism and will continue work with the same determination and will till liberating Syria from any illegitimate foreign presence,” the source concluded.

H. Zain/Ghossoun




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