Russian Defense: Terrorists who targeted Hmeimim airbase killed, depot for drones destroyed

Moscow, SANA – The Russian Defense Ministry has announced that the Russian forces operating in Syria have eliminated the terrorists who had targeted Hmeimim airbase at the end of December, in addition to destroying a depot storing drones in Idleb province.

The command of the Russian Forces in Syria has implemented a special operation to locate the group of militants who targeted on December 31st Hmeimim airbase with mortar shells, the Russian Ministry said in a statement on Friday.

The Ministry stated that the forces and multi-level reconnaissance systems of the Russian military intelligence in Syria were involved in the operation, where a unit of the Russian Special Operations Forces has uncovered the armed group site near the eastern borders of Idleb province and observed them with UAVs.

Upon the terrorists’ arrival at a location where they were preparing to board to a minibus, the entire group was destroyed by a Krasnopol high-precision artillery shell, the Ministry confirmed.

In the same context, the Russian military intelligence has uncovered the site where terrorists assembled and stored unmanned aircraft-type drones in the Idleb province, and the depot was destroyed by high-precision Krasnopol artillery shells.

Maya Dayoub / Hazem Sabbagh

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