Khamis: Projects in Aleppo achieve sustainable development and secure citizens’ needs

Aleppo, SANA -A government delegation, headed by Prime Minister Imad Khamis, toured on Monday a number of developmental projects in the province of Aleppo.

The delegation inspected the pumping station in Sulaiman al-Halabi region as its rehabilitation has helped improve water services in the province, and new pumps were installed and power generators were also repaired.

The Ministers also looked at the workflow of ambulance and emergency medical service at Boustan al-Qaser neighborhood which includes 5 mobile clinics, 14 ambulances and well-equipped emergency response team.

Moreover, the government delegation visited Syria Trust for Development’s headquarters and was briefed on the courses organized by “Manara Community Center,” which aimed at providing psychological support, raising community awareness and providing training cadres, as well as securing other medical devices, wheelchairs and prosthesis.

Prime Minister hailed the project, which helps the affected people and achieves sustainable community development in the current situation.

Reviewing al-Assad Sports Hall, Khamis called on the parties concerned to prepare work plan and evaluate the damages caused by terrorists to be rehabilitated, stressing the necessity of rebuilding all the damaged facilities in the province.

On a relevant context, the delegation visited the markets of Bab al-Nasr and Al Khandak Str. to review the commercial activities after renovating many shops and buildings damaged by terrorism, calling for the completion of the restoration process with a focus on protection and care of tangible cultural heritage.

Emma /Mazen

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