Brazilian MP Delegation: Boosting cooperation with Syria in upcoming stage

Damascus Countryside, SANA – Brazilian Parliamentarians saw that boosting the diplomatic relations between Syria and Brazil would upgrade spheres of cooperation at the official and popular levels, particularly within the upcoming stage.

Head of the Brazilian parliamentary delegation visiting Syria, Arlindo Chinaglia, said on Saturday that the visit aims at boosting the parliamentary relations between the two friendly countries  in a way that would positively reflect on the interest of the two sides.

Touring in the towns of Maaloula and Saidnaya, Chinaglia said that the destruction of churches and monasteries the delegation has seen indicates that the aim of the terrorist attacks is obliterating the rich cultural and historical heritage of Syria.

Charge d’affaires of the Brazilian Embassy in Damascus, Achilles Zaluar said that his country and Syria are bound by deeply-rooted relations and that was highlighted through Brazil’s standing by Syria in face of terrorism.

MP Eduardo Felicio Elias said that members of the delegation will convey the true image of the current events taking place in Syria to the Brazilian people.

Head of the Syrian-Brazilian Friendship Society at the People’s Assembly, Bashar Yaziji said that this visit comes within the efforts exerted by the two sides to upgrade the parliamentary relations.

Later, members of the Syrian-Brazilian Friendship Society at the People’s Assembly discussed with Brazilian delegation means of strengthening cooperation relations in all fields, particularly parliamentary field for the benefit of the two countries and the two friendly peoples.

Head of the Society, Bashar Yaziji said that the Syrian people appreciate stances of the countries that stood by Syria in its war against terrorism, calling on the delegation to convey the true image about the crimes committed by terrorist organizations against the Syrian people to the Brazilian public opinion.

In turn, members of the delegation affirmed importance of the political solution to the crisis in Syria through Syrian-Syrian dialogue, hoping that security and stability will prevail in Syria.

R. Milhem/Sahaz/Ghossoun

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