Health sector in 2017, new stage of recovery

Damascus, SANA- The health sector in Syria has witnessed a new stage of recovery in 2017 through continuing the rehabilitation of health centers and hospitals affected by terrorism, particularly in Deir Ezzor and Aleppo.

New sections were opened at the standing health establishments and were provided by medicines and medical equipment to meet the increasing demand of the therapeutic and medical services.

The Health Ministry announced again this year that it managed to prevent the outbreak of any epidemic despite the circumstances of the terrorist war waged against the country.

It asserted that the registered infections with communicable diseases were within the normal rate due to the efforts exerted to follow-up the health situation and immediately intervene in parallel with paying attention to the periodical vaccination programs and campaigns.

Most of medicine factories, which were damaged by terrorism, returned partially or fully to work as new factories were licensed and opened in the industrial city of Adra, and in Tartous and other areas.

In regard with the non-locally produced medicines, the ministry continued coordination with the friendly countries to ensure them and operate new local production lines for medicines of the chronic diseases.

In 2017, Syria participated in several international specialized conferences, while on the local level about 60 conferences, workshop and symposium were held.

H. Zain/ Ghossoun

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