Minister al-Gharbi ratifies statute of first offshore L.L.C company in Syria

Damascus, SANA – Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Minister Abdullah al-Gharbi  issued on Sunday a resolution ratifying the statute of Global Trading offshore L.L.C.

Al-Gharbi said that this is the first offshore limited liability company established in Syria, and its purpose is signing contracts and commercial deals related to food, electronics, building materials, oil, and everything related to these items.

He noted that the company will also participate in tenders and contracting, as well as  oil, gas, and electricity projects, in addition to any business conducted outside Syria.

He asserted that the Ministry has recently taken a set of actions and procedures which will contribute to the development of business work, giving flexibility to the work of companies, in addition to saving time and efforts for both the employees and companies’ owners.

Al-Gharbi added that this includes establishing an office at the Ministry for providing headquarters to the companies that do not have any, which would help startup companies or ones whose headquarters had been damaged or lost due to the crisis, in addition to the establishment of offshore L.L.C companies and simplifying all procedures of establishment and registration.

Emma / Hazem Sabbagh

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