Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices: Israeli practices in occupied Arab territories violate int’l law

Geneva, SANA- The Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights in occupied lands asserted that practices of the Israeli occupation entity in the occupied Syrian Golan and the Palestinian territories that are based on racial discrimination constitute a” flagrant violation of international human rights law.”

The committee ‘s report issued Wednesday referred to the occupation authorities’ practices, such as administrative detentions , collective punishment, demolition process in the occupied Syrian Golan, the continued settlement expansion and exploiting the natural resources of the Golan in addition to depriving Syrian farmers from reaching their lands and using their water shares.

The report pointed out that “Israel” spares no efforts to realize its “null and void” and “illegal” decision of annexing the Syrian Golan and imposing a fait accompli on its inhabitants through conducting local elections in four villages in occupied Syrian Golan last July.

It touched upon the occupation authorities’ announcement of building 1,600 new settlement units in the Golan last year and their intention to confiscate 20,000 acres of the lands in the surroundings of Majdal Shams village in a way that hinders reaching the farmlands and limits natural expansion of the village.

The report indicated to ignorance of the occupation authorities’ to dismantle the mines in many areas in the Golan and to the fears of imposing Israeli curricula on the schools of the Syrian villages, particularly that such curricula enhance sectarian divisions among the local inhabitants.

The committee concluded its report by calling on the Zionist entity to end its occupation of the Arab territories in the Golan and Palestine in implementation of the UN Security Council Resolutions No. 242 and No. 496.

H. Zain/ Ghossoun

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