Al-Hilal: Syrian-Russian coalition proved effective in fighting terrorism, defending rights

Moscow, SANA – Assistant Regional Secretary of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Hilal al-Hilal stressed that the Syrian-Russian coalition proved effective in fighting terrorism and defending independence and the principles of international law.

Al-Hilal was speaking at the International Forum held in Moscow marking the centennial anniversary of October Revolution.

He hailed Russia’s firm support to the Syrian people in their struggle against terrorism which poses a serious threat to all humanity, indicating to the deep-rooted relations and strategic partnership between the two countries despite geographical boundaries in order to reach a better world.

Al-Hilal noted to joint efforts exerted by al-Baath Arab Socialist Party and the Russian Communist Party to consolidate the culture of peace, cooperation and equality and support the socialist and participatory approaches that are based on justice and elimination of all forms of exploitation.

He added that the Russian October Revolution served as a source of inspiration for all national liberation movements against colonialism and imperialism and supported the Arab people’ struggle for liberation and development as well as their demands to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine, recognize the rights of its people and restore the occupied Golan.

Al-Hilal said that nobody can forget how brave and honorable are those who sacrificed their souls for the sake of a noble humanitarian issue that is fighting terrorism to maintain international peace and security.




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