UN Relief Agencies express concern over terrible humanitarian situation in al-Rukban camp

Geneva, SANA_UN Relief Agencies expressed deep concern over the difficult humanitarian situation in al-Rukban refugee camp in al-Tanf area, near the Syrian-Iraqi joint boarders.

Press Secretary of the UN Higher Commission of Humanitarian Affairs,  Jens Laerke,  said Saturday that the situation in al-Rukban camp is still terrible where nearly 50,000 Syrians are living under difficult situation in the desert. The situation in the camp will, according to Laerke,  get worse as the winter approaches.

He said that currently “it is necessary to provide immediate access to the camp for the provision of assistance to the displaced civilians.”

On Friday, Russian Defense Ministry said that the US military and international coalition are committing a “war crime” and violating international humanitarian law by preventing access to aid to displaced civilians in al-Tanf area near the Syrian–Iraqi border.

Russia’s Center for Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria told reporters that the humanitarian situation near al-Tanf remains “extremely critical.”

“By having organized there its military base and prohibiting anyone from approaching it closer than 55km, the US bears responsibility for the situation, where dozens of Syrian internally displaced persons, staying at the al-Rukban camp nearby, are deprived of a chance to receive humanitarian assistance,” the Center said.

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