Shahroudi: Syrian army’s victories contribute to fighting terrorism in the region

Tehran, SANA – Chairman of Iran’s Expediency Council Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi underlined the importance of victories achieved by the Syrian army and its allies in fighting terrorism.

Shahroudi was speaking during a meeting with Syria’s Ambassador in Tehran Dr. Adnan Mahmoud.

He criticized the US double standard policy in dealing with counterterrorism, adding that the US, unlike what it claims, is just pretending to fight the ISIS.

Shahroudi said that all states in the region have realized the fact that the US double standard policy set evidence on its hypocrisy and decrease confidence in the USA which continues its endeavors to implement its plots in the region through targeting the axis of Resistance.

For his part, Ambassador Mahmoud said that the latest developments and changes in the region are in favor of Syria, Iran, the Resistance and their allies as they succeeded in foiling the takfiri terrorist scheme and other US plots to fragment the region.

He hailed the joint cooperation strategy between Syria, Iran, Russia and the Resistance to fight terrorism and contribute to rebuilding of the country.

The Syrian Ambassador highly appreciated Iran’s stances in support of Syria on all levels.



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