Bogdanov: Russia coordinates efforts with Syrian Government to solve crisis

Moscow, SANA- Russian President’s Special Representative for the Middle East and Africa, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov announced that his country is coordinating all efforts with the Syrian Government to solve the crisis in Syria.

In a statement to journalists on Thursday in Kazan City, capital of Tatarstan, Bogdanov indicated that the Syrian National Dialogue Congress to be held in Sochi was agreed upon in coordination with the Syrian Government.

“Moscow hopes that all Syrian parties which care about the future of Syria and its sovereignty and territorial integrity will participate in the Syrian National Dialogue Congress to be held on November 18th in Sochi,” Bogdanov added.

He indicated that Moscow intends to expand the list of the “opposition” parties which are invited to participate in the Syrian National Dialogue Congress, and that it will hold consultations on this issue with the partners at the UN.

“In this regard, I can say that some parties which were not mentioned in this list expressed their desire to participate, and of course we will complete this list,” he elaborated, indicating that no comprehensive notion about the participation of the Syrian Kurds in the Congress has been reached yet.

Bogdanov added that the final list of invitees and many issues haven’t been discussed with the Syrians or with some foreign partners yet, pointing out that the possibility of establishing a fifth de-escalation zone in Syria is being discussed and that “this issue is being done in Astana and through all the contacts with our American partners, therefore, it is too early to talk about the results now.”

R. Jazaeri/Ghossoun

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