Swedish MPs: We will convey the true picture of events in Syria

Damascus, SANA – A Swedish parliamentary delegation and the members of the Committee of Arab and Foreign Relations at the People’s Assembly on Tuesday discussed ways to mobilize the efforts of all countries and governments to counter extremist ideology and terrorism, which has become a threat to the whole world.

The visiting Swedish Parliament members noted that their visit to Syria is to get acquainted with the situation in it and convey the true picture of events to the Swedish people, referring to the scale of damage caused to the infrastructure due to the terrorist war in the country.

On the coercive economic measures imposed by the West against the Syrian people,the Swedish MPs affirmed that they are not part of the US system, pointing out that there are countries that have an interest in destabilizing the region through mobilizing media outlets and providing support to the terrorists.

They expressed their hope that the Swedish government would take a neutral stance  towards what is going on in Syria as the extremis thinking is spreading in Europe in an accelerated manner.

H. Said

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