Memories of 1973 October Liberation War will remain vivid in the minds

Damascus, SANA – Forty-four years have elapsed since Syria’s victory against the Zionist entity in October Liberation War. The memories of 1973 war will remain vivid in the minds as the Arab soldiers shattered the legend of the invincible Israeli army.

From recapturing parts of Golan Heights  and the anniversary of October Liberation Day to the banks of Euphrates River and lifting a three-year of ISIS siege of Deir Ezzor, the Syrian army’s battlefield victories continue to roll on.

Nowadays, the Syrian people are living the joy of victory over large-scale terrorist war waged on their country with the aim of undermining its strength, unity and steadfastness. A victory that would not have been possible without the heroism and bravery of the Syrian army and the great sacrifices of its members to restore security and stability to every part of their beloved homeland.

The significant triumph in October Liberation War paved the way for a series of victories .

For more than six years, the Syrian army has confronted western-US-Zionist schemes to fragment the region and defeated their agents of takfiri mercenaries despite the massive intelligence and logistics support provided for them.




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