Russian Defense Ministry: Defeating ISIS in Deir Ezzor will constitute strategic defeat of it in Syria

Moscow, SANA – Russian Defense Ministry announced on Saturday that the Syrian Arab Army advances successfully supported by Russian Aerospace Forces towards Deir Ezzor city to lift the siege imposed on it by ISIS, noting that defeating ISIS terrorist organization in this area will constitute a strategic defeat of it in Syria.

Sputnik quoted the Ministry as saying in statement that the Syrian Arab Army continues advance towards Deir Ezzor supported by the Russian Aerospace forces.

“Daesh militants are not giving up their efforts to halt the advance of Syrian troops by moving armored vehicles, off-road vehicles with mounted heavy machine guns, arms and ammunition to the Deir Ez-Zor area and by setting up new positions reinforced with artillery systems and mortars,” the statement said.

In a relevant context, the Ministry said “Over the past two days, Russian planes have destroyed 9 pieces of hardware, including two tanks, 6 artillery nests, one homemade multiple rocket launchers, 3 ammunition depots, a command center, as well as 20 trucks loaded with fuel, arms and ammunition near Deir Ezzor city.”

In the eastern countryside of Hama, the Ministry said that “Due to the effective actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the Syrian government troops continue to encircle Daesh group near Akerbat settlement in Hama province.”

Shaza/H. Said

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