Al-Attar: Ordeal that Syria passes through started to retreat

Damascus, SANA- Vice President Dr. Najah al-Attar met on Thursday a Jordanian delegation, headed by the Assistant Secretary General of the Union of Arab Lawyers Samih Khreis.

During the meeting, al-Attar affirmed that the steadfastness of Syria’s leadership, army and people was the basis for all the success achieved on the land of sacrifices.

Al-Attar pointed out that the Syrian people still adhere to the spirit of sacrifice, struggle and steadfastness despite all the difficult circumstances they had experienced, appreciating the Arab delegations which visited Syria during the crisis in spite of the attitude of some Arab regimes that are characterized by arrogance, injustice and abandonment of the national principles.

She stressed the importance of Damascus International Fair that reflects the recovery of the Syrian economy in order to start the process of development and acceleration of the production process to achieve food security in Syria.

Khreis, for his part, said “The US-Zionist project failed and was defeated in Syria and we await the announcement of the final victory over terrorism and its supporters.”

The delegation includes members of the Arab Lawyers Union, university professors, and former members of the Jordanian parliament, Jordanian media and political figures.


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