Homs Governor inspects hospital in al-Zahra’a neighborhood

Homs, SANA – Homs Governor Talal al-Barazi on Sunday inspected work at Al-Bassel Hospital in al-Zahra’a neighborhood, Homs city, asserting that services in the hospital will improve within the next few weeks.

During the visit, al-Barazi called for reorganizing the hospital’s nursing staff and ensuring that the ER is fully prepared and equipped to receive all cases round the clock, noting that any shortcomings and lack of equipment will be addressed within weeks.

Homs Hospital 2

Director of Homs Health Directorate Hassan al-Jendi said that there are plans to add two more floors to the hospital to receive more patients and increase its capacity to 120 beds.

In turn, hospital director Ghiath Khalil said that the hospital received over 9,000 patients since mid June 2013, and that 275 surgical procedures and around 300 natural births and c-sections were performed, in addition to over 9,000 lab tests.

Khalil said the hospital receives around 150 patients a day, and that its staff consists of 280 nurses and 68 doctors, stressing the need to provide it with CAT scan, sterilization, and radiology equipment, in addition to tools for delicate surgeries and an ambulance and the need for more incubators and beds.

The hospital was opened in June 15 2013, and consists of two ERs, two ICUs, a dialysis unit, and three Ors, in addition to 4 incubators and an obstetrics department.

Hazem Sabbagh

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