Foreign Ministry: US-led alliance’s attack on Syrian aircraft reveals truth about America’s support for terrorism

Damascus, SANA – The Foreign and Expatriate Ministry affirmed that the attack by the US-led alliance’s aircrafts on a Syrian fighter plane near al-Rasafa while it was carrying out an operation against ISIS reveals with no doubt the truth about the US support of terrorism, demanding that Security Council break its silence and condemn such cowardly and reckless military actions.

In two letters sent to the UN Secretary General and the President of Security Council on Monday, the Ministry said that the US and its illegal alliance have revealed their real face and the underhanded goal they seek to achieve in Syria when they committed a new crime on June 18th 2017 by intentionally shooting down a Syrian Air Force aircraft while it was carrying out a combatant mission against ISIS terrorist organization on Syrian territory.

The letters stressed that it is shameful that the United States justified its terrible act by promoting open lies through official statements that are far from the truth, particularly since the Syrian fighter plane fell in an area close to al-Rasafa area which is controlled by ISIS, contrary to what the American side claimed, as the pilot was seen parachuting in areas controlled by ISIS terrorists.

The Ministry clarified that the disgraceful US military aggression confirms beyond any doubt the reality of the US position in support of terrorism and which aims to undermine the ability of the Syrian Arab Army which, along with its allies, is the only effective force exercising its legitimate right to fight terrorism across the country.

The Ministry added that this aggression cannot be separated from the crimes committed by the United States and its alliance against the Syrian Arab Army and its allies in al-Tanf area, in addition to the unjustified strikes launched by this alliance against the innocent civilians in the north and west of Raqqa area, which claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians and displaced more than 120,000 from the people of Raqqa who left their homes due to the arbitrary strikes carried out by the alliance against innocent civilians in Raqqa and other Syrian cities.

The letters noted that this aggression comes at a time when the Syrian Arab Army and its allies are making clear progress in fighting ISIS terrorists which is being defeated in al-Badiya desert area on more than one direction, adding that this aggression exposes the political and military inclinations and the malicious intentions of the US and its illegal alliance to manage terrorism and invest in it to achieve its objectives and realize the Western project in the region.

The Ministry said that the Syrian Arab Republic warns against the repercussions of this criminal act on counterterrorism efforts, affirming that such attacks will not dissuade Syria from continuing the war against ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organizations and groups affiliated to them nor from extending the Syrian state’s control over all its territory.

The letters went on to say that as Syria condemns this aggression, it calls on the Security Council to break its silence and condemn these cowardly and reckless military actions, particularly as they are carried out by an illegal coalition, adding that this blatant US aggression can only be seen as a violation of Security Council resolutions on combating terrorism, the sovereignty and independence of the Syrian Arab Republic, international law, and the UN Charter.

The Ministry concluded the letters by saying that restoring security and stability to Syria and the region and combating terrorism requires the sincere efforts of the international community to end the crisis in Syria and to prevent any action that aims at prolonging the crisis or exploiting it.

Shaza / Hazem Sabbagh

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