Army establishes control over al-Rasafah and 20 towns in Raqqa southern countryside

Provinces , SANA-A military source announced Monday that units of the army established control over al-Rasafah and more than 20 towns and farms in Raqqa southern countryside after eliminating hundreds of ISIS terrorists there.

The source added in a statement to SANA that units of the army, in cooperation with the backup forces, established control over the towns and farms of al-Issawi, Karadi, Jub Abyad and other towns in addition to al-Thawra oil field.

It affirmed that the army killed hundreds of terrorists, destroyed 6 vehicles, 11 tanks, 10 cannons and more than 200 various cars during the operations.

Deir Ezzor 

Meanwhile, the Army’s artillery targeted ISIS hideouts and fortifications in the surroundings of the Panorama school and Tal Brouk, west of the Radio Station in Aiyyash village, al-Thardeh, in the surroundings of the Military Airport and in al-Howeiqa neighborhood, destroying terrorists’ barricades and killing a number of them.

SANA reporter said that the army air force, in parallel with the artillery bombardments, destroyed ISIS gatherings and vehicles, killing and injuring a number of terrorists in al-Hamidiyeh neighborhood, the Panorama and the villages of al-Bghiliyeh and Aiyyash.


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