Ambassador Ala: Providing cover to countries’ role in terrorist crimes is collusion against Syrian state

Geneva, SANA – Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, Ambassador Hussam Eddin Ala, said providing cover to some countries’ role and responsibility for the crimes committed by terrorist groups inside Syria and the violations committed by the illegitimate US-led coalition, which claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians, is “collusion” against the Syrian state.

During update on the “situation in the Syrian Arab Republic” held in the framework of the 35the session of the UN Human Rights Council, Ala said the Council aims, with this debate, to practice negative impact on the next round of the Geneva talks that will be resumed soon as well as on the national reconciliation efforts and the fight against terrorism in accordance with the wishes of countries that continue to practice misleading and instigation against Syria and pass politicized resolutions that control the mandate of the International Commission of Inquiry and push it to create a fabricated case that does not reflect the full picture of the foreign-backed terrorist war targeting the Syrian state.

He pointed out that the attitude of the International Commission of Inquiry with regard to facilitating the travel of some of the Commission’s members in Turkey to investigate in some of the allegations concerning Syria and the Commission’s request that Turkish authorities hold meetinsg with entities hostile to the Syrian state and operated by the Turkish intelligence in Istanbul and with an illegal body that constitutes the political cover of the armed terrorist groups and operates from Gaziantep under the name of the “provisional government” confirm Syria’s doubts about the credibility and impartiality of the sources on which the Commission rely in its reports.

Ambassador Ala highlighted the exposure of a series of lies promoted by some parties, including a number of member states at the Council, that are aimed at harming the Syrian government, citing the story of the child Omran Daqneesh from Aleppo whose story was exploited by some media to distort the Syrian state’s image.

He went on saying that documents and recordings have been leaked in the past days confirming the involvement of a number of countries at the Council in supporting terrorism, particularly Qatar, which the US president described as having a long record of supporting global terrorism at the highest level, and Saudi Arabia, which the British government prevented publishing an official report on its involvement in supporting terrorism and its role in spreading the Wahhabi extremist ideology.

Ala concluded by saying that these facts, which unfold in turn, require the Council to stop the disgraceful manipulation practiced by countries that support terrorist games.

M. al-Frieh/H. Said

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