Interior minister discusses with Indian official cooperation prospects in counterterrorism efforts

Damascus, SANA-Caretaker Interior Minister Mohammad al-Shaar discussed Monday with Joint Secretary of the Bureau of Security at the Indian External Affairs Ministry S. K. Sinha means of bolstering bilateral relations between Syria and India in the common interest s of the two countries.

A war is waged against Syria by terrorist organizations coming from 83 countries, which is orchestrated by regional, Arab and foreign countries intended to fragment the Arab nation, al-Shaar told Sinha during the meeting.

The minister said that Syria has made it clear at all international forums that the terrorist organizations are engaged in terrorism that targets the unity of the Syrian people and come in service of the Israeli and US schemes in the region.

Al-Shaar hailed the stances of India over terrorism in Syria at international forums, underscoring the importance of bilateral cooperation between the two countries in counterterrorism efforts.

The Indian official, for his part, underlined India’s support for a peaceful and political solution in Syria, indicating that Syria and India share a long history and mutual visions regarding several international issues, mainly counterterrorism efforts.

“We are looking forward to bilateral cooperation with Syria in counterterrorism efforts. What we are concerned about is that some individuals from India and East Asian countries are joining the terrorist organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria,” the Indian official said, pointing to the grave danger these terrorists pose to India upon their return.

Meanwhile, Caretaker State Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs Ali Haidar also met the Indian official,  affirming to him that Syria is ready to cooperate with India in regards to Indians who are involved with terrorist organizations.

During the meeting, Haidar lauded the role played by India as a member of the BRICS group in terms of the crisis in Syria and its support for the Syrian people and state.


He said that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and other terrorist organizations like it are mere cloaks used by certain states to carry out their agendas in the region, noting that Syria was among the first countries to be threatened by terrorism and that it always called for defining it, combating it, and cutting it off at the roots.

In turn, Sinha stressed the need to resolve the crisis in Syria in a peaceful manner via political methods under Syria’s management, adding that he witnessed firsthand quiet and calm in Damascus, unlike the fake image promoted by mass media.

He stressed that all countries must cooperate to combat terrorism because this issue doesn’t just concern Syria; rather it’s concerns India and the whole world.

Manal Ismael/Hazem Sabbagh

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