Syria participates in 70 session of ITC in Geneva

Damascus, SANA – Transport Minister Ali Hammoud affirmed that the unjust blockade imposed on Syria, particularly the Syrian Arab Airlines and the Syrian ships, has paralyzed the communication movement between citizens inside and outside Syria.

In a speech delivered at the annual session of the ministerial meeting of the Inland Transport Committee (ITC) held in Geneva, the Minister pointed out that the blockade has also led to decreasing the income of Syrian citizens, affecting the health status of children who are being deprived of food and medicine, in addition to the decline in the number of services provided to citizens and the infrastructure related to those services.

The Minister added that operating the Syrian airline to Europe and vice versa will contribute to the lifting of unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on the Syrian people, calling for reviving the Silk Road between China and Europe via Syria through railway, land and sea.

Hammoud said the terrorist war waged on Syria has targeted urban, economic and productiion establishments and facilities such as roads, bridges, railways, railway stations, cars, airports and buses and shipping vehicles that transport medical, relief and livelihood materials, in addition to causing the cutoff of vital roads and bridges.

The session is held on 20–24 February with the participation of 36 Arab and foreign countries. Said

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