Prime Minister: losses in oil sector hit $ 2 billion in last two months

Damascus, SANA- -Prime Minister Imad Khamis said on Monday that the most important object in the government’s priorities is the citizen, adding the government  seeks to  secure all the requirements of the citizen’s struggle.

Khamis, meeting journalists of al-Thawra newspaper, added that the government has put a strategic plan to overcome the difficulties , ensure the citizens’ needs and to raise the level of production process, affirming that remarkable improvement will be noticed in the  situation of electricity starting from the middle of next February.

He called on journalists to shed light on the hard economic status and conveying the truth to citizens about the impacts of terrorist crimes which deprived Syria from the revenues of oil and gas, turning the country from oil producer to importer.

The Premier pointed out that the government is working to restore production in the sectors of industry, agriculture and trade, adding it began to update the legislation and laws in a way to ensure return of economic and production sectors to work.

“Losses in the oil sector during the past two months due to terrorist attacks hit 2 billion USD,” Khamis said, adding that the government works hard to secure oil productions and electricity in the minimum level and “we need 22 billion SYP per month to compensate the losses.”

In turn, information Minister Mohammad Ramez Tarjman stressed the important role of media in facing the aggression on Syria in addition to boosting the State’s force, saying that media is the real mirror which reflects the citizens’ problems.


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