Damascus Countryside Governor inspects maintenance work in Wadi Barada

Damascus Countryside, SANA – Damascus Countryside Governor Ala’a Ibrhaim inspected on Monday maintenance work being performed on the water lines of Wadi Barada and Ayn Haroush in Wadi Barada area in Damascus Countryside.

In a statement to journalists, the Governor said that assessment of the damage to the water systems is taking place in parallel with the repairs in al-Figeh spring that are being conducted by maintenance teams, adding that repairs will be accomplished as soon as possible.

He added that an amount of water from al-Figeh spring is being pumped since yesterday in the framework of the urgent plan to supply Damascus city with water, noting that the water flow will return to its usual capacity when repairs are completed.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh

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