Minister Haidar stresses need to enhance local reconciliations

Damascus, SANA – Entitled “Reconciliation and army are the only solution to the crisis in Syria”, the civil initiative for local reconciliations on Monday held its first meeting at the State Ministry for National Reconciliation Affairs with the participation of 200 representatives from all the provinces.

In a speech at the opening ceremony, State Minister for National Reconciliation Affairs Ali Haidar said that 2017 should be a year for consolidating local reconciliations; therefore, there is a long and hard road ahead of us in order to preserve Syria’s national identity and social fabric.

He underlined the Ministry’s efforts to deal with civil initiatives and make them a success, noting that the main mission of the reconciliation committees in the next stage will focus on clearing areas from weapons, getting rid of gunmen who refuse to be part of the state and enabling those who were misled to return to their normal life.

The minister reviewed the reconciliations achieved throughout the Syrian provinces including Daraa, Quneitra, Damascus, Homs and Hama, adding that it is the only way to defend Syria’s national identity against all schemes and conspiracies.

For his part, Deputy Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs, Ahmad Mounir, highly appreciated the sacrifices of humanitarian workers who were directly targeted by terrorist organizations, adding that 60 members from the reconciliation committees have been martyred.

The participants reviewed what has been achieved in terms of liberating abductees and settling the legal status of hundreds of armed and wanted men, highlighting the success made in Aleppo where gunmen have been moved out of the eastern neighborhoods.

They called for holding meetings for raising awareness and helping people realize the necessity of rallying around the army in its war to defend the homeland.

R. Raslan / Ghossoun

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