President al-Assad issues law regarding injured military personnel who succumb to wounds as martyrs

Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad issued on Thursday Law no. 1 for 2017 that stipulates for regarding injured military personnel who succumb to wounds and die after their military service is over as “martyrs”.

The wounds include those sustained due to the war, military operations, hostile elements and terrorist gangs.

According to the law, the families of injured military members who succumb to their wounds shall be granted the rights given in the situation of martyrdom, which are different from the situation of injury.

The President also issued Law no. 3 for 2017 amending articles no. 48 and 49 of the Legislative Decree no. 30 for 2007 on military service.

The amendments provide for allowing Syrians between 17 and 42 of age to travel abroad upon getting a travel approval from the General Conscription Directorate after paying a bail of SYP 50,000.

The law exempts from paying the bail civil employees, people exempted from compulsory military service, personnel serving in the Army and Internal Security Forces and people dispatched by the government on study or official mission among others.

H. Said

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