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Event organized at Quneitra in solidarity with Golan captives

Quneitra, SANA – Quneitra Governorate, in cooperation with the Committee for Supporting Liberated and Detained Captives in Israeli Occupation Jails, organized on Wednesday an event in front of the Governorate building at al-Baath city to express solidarity with the captives from the occupied Syrian Golan.

On this occasion, the Committee issued a statement condemning the murder of captive Asaad Abdullah al-Wali, describing it as part of the organized crimes carried out by the Israelis against captives from the occupied Syrian Golan.

The Committee also called on the international community to pressure the Israeli entity into releasing all captives and detainees in Israeli prison, including Sedki al-Maket, Amal Abu Saleh, Iyad al-Johariye, and Bashira Mahmoud.

In turn, Quneitra Governor Ahmad Sheikh Abdelqader condemned the criminal practices of the Israeli occupation against the people of the occupied Syrian Golan, offering condolences to the people of Golan and to the family of al-Wali.

For his part, head of the Committee Ali al-Younes expressed outrage over the racist and criminal practices of the Israeli occupation against the people of Golan and against Syrian captives, practices which include torture, intimidation, and willful medical negligence, noting that several Syrian captives were afflicted with cancer during their imprisonment and died shortly after their release.

Hazem Sabbagh

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