Israeli aggression grinds on, death toll approaches 2000

Gaza, SANA – The number of Palestinians killed in the continuous brutal Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip has risen to 1920, while that of the wounded reached 9875.

On the 35th day of aggression, the Israeli warplanes continued launching raids on different areas of the Strip, indiscriminately and randomly targeting the civilians’ houses and farmlands, killing 6 more Palestinians at least.

In response, the Palestinian resistance factions incessantly targeted Israeli occupation sites and settlements with rockets and mortar shells.

Israeli sources said that two rockets fired Sunday morning fell on Ashkoul settlement, adding that a number of mortar shells also hit Karm Abu Salim crossing point on border between Gaza Strip and the Palestinian territories occupied since 1948.

In the same context, sirens were launched in settlements to the south of Asqalan at a time when the occupation media reported growing restlessness and resentment among the settlers at the policy of their government and its inability to counter the Palestinian resistance.

In addition to the massive death toll, the Israeli barbaric aggression caused the destruction of thousands of citizens’ houses and vital infrastructure, creating a catastrophic humanitarian situation in the long-besieged and impoverished Strip.

B. Mousa/H. Said

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