Inspection tour for Suleiman al-Halabi water pumping plant in Aleppo

Aleppo, SANA – Minister of Water Resources Nabil al-Hassan and Electricity Minister Mohammed Zuhair Kharboutli inspected on Wednesday Suleiman al-Halabi water pumping plant and rehabilitation works to repair damage caused by terrorist attacks.


During the visit, the two ministers listened to the technical workshops’ efforts to re-operate pumps and supply Aleppo residential areas with water.

Minister al-Hassan said that Suleiman al-Halabi plant will supply water to all neighborhoods of Aleppo city over 42 thousand hectares, adding that providing electricity will ensure the pumping station could continue water supply to all areas.

He added that the plant’s water pumps and diesel-driven generators have not been maintained for more than 4 years due to terrorism, adding that the technical workshops will make necessary repairs as soon as possible, noting that two water pumps will be temporarily operated untill the completion of maintenance works.

The minister stated that 4 out of 6 diesel-driven generators went out of service, indicating to joint efforts of the government and the international organizations to conduct maintenance works.


For his part, Electricity Minister underlined successful efforts to provide the plant with electricity supply which will contribute to improving the pumps’ performance, adding that two vital projects to supply Aleppo with electricity are underway.

The first project is to construct a 230 kilovolt power line of 6 km in length which will deliver 150 megawatt with an implementation period of 45 days while the other strategic project is to build SYP 6 billion worth of power transmission line from Hama to Aleppo of 170 km in length that will be carried out on two stages, 6 months for each, he said.

The ministers also inspected the situation of families which left the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city and the services provided to them, listening to their stories of pain and suffering due to the terrorist organizations’ practices.

Aleppo Governor Hussein Diab, for his part, noted that the governorate welcomed thousands of citizens and provided them with their basic needs and necessary health care.


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