Thousands exit the terrorists-besieged eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city over the past 24 hours

Aleppo, SANA _ A new batch of families exited the terrorists-besieged eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city on Monday morning.

SANA correspondent in Aleppo quoted a field commander as saying that hundreds managed to leave the eastern neighborhoods as the Syrian Arab Army advances in these neighborhoods.

The field commander added that the progress of the army units and the supporting forces in a number of the eastern neighborhoods gives the people, who are close to areas which recently controlled by the army, an opportunity to get rid of the blockade imposed on them by terrorist organizations and reach the military points to be transported through the safe corridors.

The competent authorities in the Governorate received the families and transported them to makeshift housing centers that have been equipped with all necessary services.

On Sunday, the army units secured departure route for 1500 people from Aleppo city’s eastern parts, most of those who left were women and children. The families were transported to makeshift housing centers and provided with all necessary needs and services.

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