Al-Jaafari: Humanitarian crisis in Syria caused by siege imposed by terrorists & lack of coordination with Syrian government

New York, SANA-Syria’s permanent representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari said on Monday that the reason behind the humanitarian crisis in Syria is the siege imposed by terrorist organizations and attacks on convoys in addition to the lack of security in the areas where those organizations exist.

Al-Jaafari added at a UN Security council session held to discuss the humanitarian situation in Syria that the reason of the crisis is also the politicization of the humanitarian file, the double-standard policy adopted by some states,  the lack of coordination with the Syrian government and the lack of funding the humanitarian response plans due to the failure of some states to live up to its obligations.

“Syria rejects the selective pattern by some states in dealing with the humanitarian issue in Syria,” al-Jaafari affirmed, adding “No one in the world is more committed than the Syrian government to protect the Syrians’ lives which suffer from the terrorism of armed organizations.”

“First of all, let me welcome that resident representative of World Health Organization (WHO) in Damascus who is here today to join us in this session and I called for hosting other UN representatives in Syria as eyewitnesses who would provide the UN Security Council with accurate information than those of the General secretariat in New York,” said al-Jaafari.

He pointed out to the new massacre perpetrated by the warplanes of the so-called US-led international coalition against Syrian civilians, claiming the lives of more than ten citizens in a raid launched by these warplanes on al-Salihya viallge in Raqqa northern countryside.

Al-Jaafari wondered at the level of naivety  of the US representative to the UN who believed what an eyewitness from the terrorists, backed up by her government, told her about that the Syrian and Russian forces bombed east Aleppo 180 times on Saturday alone.

The Syrian representative stressed that the statement of the US envoy about the content of leaflets downed by the Syrian air force in eastern Aleppo which claimed that the leaflets told the civilians in eastern Aleppo to “leave, or you will die” is a mere, shameful lie.

Al-Jaafari said that the Syrian air force has downed leaflets that called on the civilians to keep away from armed terrorist groups and leave eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo.

“The Syrian government has opened 6 humanitarian corridors for those civilians and two routes for the gunmen who want to leave eastern Aleppo, but the terrorists didn’t go out and they didn’t let the civilians leave because they took them hostages and as human shields,” al-Jaafari said.

He added if the UN representative to the UN believes that the arrival of 8000 terrorists from east Aleppo in the USA would help the Syria people, then let it take them, referring to the UN Counterterrorism Committee’s special report which stated that nearly 80,000 terrorists coming from the UN member states are fighting in Syria.

He noted that it seems that neither the US ambassador, the British ambassador nor the French ambassador heard about such statistics and information.

Al-Jaafari added that the statement of Stephen O’Brien, the UN under-Secretary General for the Humanitarian Affairs about Syria didn’t mention terrorism, as if there is no terrorism in Syria.

Responding to the Uruguay ambassador’s question about the values which make terrorists kill innocent civilians, al-Jaafari said that the answer is there in hundreds of letters sent by Syria for more than five years explaining what is taking place on the ground and that there are terrorists on the Syrian territory.

He went on to say that the Takfiri terrorists, influenced by the Saudi Whabbi doctrine, are the ones who perpetrate the terror acts in Syria.

The dregs of humanity from around the world gathered in Syria, yet some parties still wonder about what is taking place in Syria, why humanitarian aid does not enter to east Aleppo and who is responsible for hindering the delivery process, he added.

He went on to say that terrorism, which is existed in Aleppo, is the same as that present in Mosul, wondering “why they accuse us while they support the military operation there.”

The US air force described targeting the Syrian military sites in Deir Ezzor as “mistake” and two days later, it bombed all bridges on the Euphrates river as well as the power generation plants and the infrastructure in Aleppo city, not to mention the massacre committed by French warplanes in Minbij city and claimed the lives of 200 civilians, said al-Jaafari, asking “Is it how to combat the ISIS terrorist organization?”

Syria’s Ambassador said that the statements issued by some states and the UN Secretary General’s statement for humanitarian affairs came just as we expected in terms of adopting, for the 33rd time, a wrong approach that is based on distorting facts, undermining the suffering of the Syrian people and politicalizing the humanitarian file with the aim of creating a mini-state in Syria that enjoys a support from the western regimes which sponsor and fund terrorism.

He stressed that these statements confirmed these states’ unwillingness to end the suffering of the Syrian people through denying the main reason behind the crisis in Syria, reiterating rejection to deal with the Syrian crisis away from handling the main cause that is the spread of armed terrorist groups and bringing tens of thousands of foreign terrorist fighters to join the war in Syria.

He added that the states which exploit the suffering of Syrian people to implement political agendas through claims of keenness on their security and well-living are the main reason for the Syrians’ suffering whether through providing direct support to the armed terrorist groups  or imposing unilateral sanctions which affect the Syrian citizens.

No one in the world is more committed than the Syrian government to protect the lives of Syrian civilians in Aleppo, Daraa, Damascus, Raqqa or anywhere else  who suffer from the terrorism of armed organizations which retained them and use them as human shields, blockade their towns and villages and prevent them from leaving or getting humanitarian aid.

Al-Jaafari reminded of the armed opposition groups’ heinous crime committed Sunday against the innocent people of Aleppo and caused the death of ten students between 7 and 12 years old and the injury of 59 others, in addition to targeting the Faculty of Law and the neighborhoods of al-Mokambou, al-Midan, al-Azamiyeh and Seif al-Dawla, killing four civilians and injuring 39 others.

He added that the terrorist attacks on civilians coincide with another “pause” considered the third of its kind since September 9th announced by the Syrian government and its allies to rescue the lives of innocent civilians and alleviate their suffering, which contradicts the US Ambassador ‘s allegations about an eyewitness who told her that the Syrian and Russian forces bombed east Aleppo 180 times on Saturday alone.

The humanitarian pauses announced by the Syrian government and its allies provide for the safety of gunmen who want to leave the eastern parts of Aleppo  and settle their status or depart with their weapons to other places of their own choice, in addition to the evacuation and medical treatment of the injured people in order to restore normal life to the city and enable state institutions and services facilities to resume their works, said al-Jaafari, regretting certain states and parties’ efforts to hinder these initiatives through encouraging terrorists to reject any initiative, target civilians, use them as human shields and kill everyone who attempts to escape via the corridors to safe areas just as what happened on November 17th when 17 civilians were after hundreds of civilians trying to leave eastern Aleppo protested against the terrorist blockade.

Syria’s Representative to the UN noted that the Syrian people have got tired of the false statements, hypocritical initiatives and misleading reports which drowned out the UN Security Council and the UN affiliated organizations over the past five years and escalated their suffering due to the involvement of some UNSC member states in fueling and prolonging the crisis in their country.

He added that resident representative of World Health Organization (WHO) in Damascus Elizabeth Hoff indicated that millions of the Syrian people benefited from the humanitarian aid, stating that it was achieved thanks to coordination with the Syrian government taking into account that 75% of the aid has been provided by the Syrian government itself, not the UN, despite the unilateral sanctions imposed on the country for more than five years.

Russia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Vladimir Safronkov stressed  that the repeated news circulated by media outlets about the presence of a limited number of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Aleppo eastern parts reflect the desire in prolonging the suffering of thousands of the besieged civilians, adding that it is well-known that east Aleppo is controlled by terrorist groups affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra organization and talks about limited numbers of their members allow such abnormal situation to continue and cause the civilians’ suffering to last.

He expressed concerns over the suppression of civilians’ protests to get food from warehouses in terrorist-controlled eastern Aleppo neighborhoods, pointing out that talks are underway to reach a fair settlement.

He added that Russia will continue to provide the Syrian state with humanitarian aid and work hard to reach a way to reduce the tension in Aleppo, noting that the terrorist groups as well as the unacceptable practices of the UN affiliated organizations hinder the delivery of humanitarian aid to east Aleppo.

R.Raslan / Mazen / Ghossoun

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