Israeli enemy resumes aggression on Gaza after end of 72-hour truce

Gaza, SANA – Israeli occupation forces bombed Friday a mosque in al-Sheikh Radwan neighborhood to the north of the Gaza Strip, claiming a life of a child and injuring 9 Palestinians, resuming a month-long aggression.

The new attacks come as the prime minister of the Zionist entity announced escalation against the Palestinian people through issuing orders to move ahead with the military aggression on the Strip.

Israeli occupation forces resumed land, air and sea offensive directly after the end of a truce which lasted for 72 hours.
The Israeli air strikes were accompanied with shelling from the occupation boats towards the territory.

Earlier, the Palestinian resistance announced that the delegation of its factions did not agree to extending the truce because of Israeli rejection to meet the Palestinian demands, first and foremost, lifting the unfair siege imposed on Gaza residents.

In response to the Israeli intransigence, the Palestinian resistance shelled the compound of settlements with 5 Katyusha rockets and Asqalan with 5 Grad rockets.

People of Gaza have started to evacuate their houses with the truce nearing the end in an attempt to avoid the brutality of the Israeli war machine.

The Israeli brutal aggression on Gaza Strip has left more than 1881 dead and 9470 injured, most of them were women and children, in addition to huge material damage to infrastructure and houses.

B. Mousa/H. Said

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